Number 69 Film Screenings across Scotland

17 Dec , 2016  

We beganĀ our national tour of our documentary film ‘Number 69’ with a screening at Aberdeen University’s School of Education on 27th of April

This was just the beginning of what we hope will give this man’s quest for justice as wide a public screening as possible, and we already have a number of forthcoming screenings confirmed. These include:

Criminal Justice Services of North Ayrshire Health and Social Work will host a screening on Friday 23rd June between 10.00 and 12.00 at the Harbour Art Centre, Irvine.

The University of the West of Scotland are planning to screen the film during the last two weeks of August at a venue, yet to be decided, in Paisley.

And we will revisit Aberdeen University on September 20th for a screening to be hosted by the Law Faculty.

We will be working in collaboration with SASW, who will be hosting four seminars in different parts of Scotland for MHOs and Social Workers, at which the film will be screened.