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Time to Respond

Supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse with post- natal depression.

A 30 minute film Directed by Sitar Rose and Produced by Sue Hampson.

It was a group for post – natal depression and the fact that almost every woman in the group had suffered some form of physical or sexual abuse was shocking.

The healthy Minds Happy Babies group in East Lothian supports women with post -natal depression who are also survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Each woman describes their journey, from the impact of post natal depression and childhood sexual abuse to how the group supports their recovery and helps them make positive changes for themselves and their families.

The women and the facilitators emphasise the importance of getting the right response at the right time and describe what good practice looks and feels like.

They don’t need you to fix anything, they just need you to listen, and to really listen.

Number 69

One man’s struggle to get justice for institutional abuse and the impact of going through the judicial process. A 30 minute film Directed by Sitar Rose and Produced by Sue Hampson.

Number 69 is the story of an individual systematically failed and abused by those charged with his care, and of his struggle for justice. Taken into ‘care’ at the age of 8 he was robbed of his childhood, his identity and subjected to physical, sexual, emotional and educational abuse.

Despite the personal trauma and the refusal over of the authorities over many years to take his complaints seriously, he succeeded in bringing the abuse suffered by himself and others to public light and before the courts.

“A valuable insight into abuse, and to some of the unintended consequences of agency responses including barriers erected by the state which result in further harm.”

The DVD was commissioned by COPFS to be used as a training tool for Crown staff involved in supporting survivors though the judicial process as a result of the Scottish Inquiry into in care abuse.


This DVD was produced to raise awareness of male survivors experience in a hostile world. It was developed as part of the Safe to Say Training Programme to equip frontline workers, managers and staff with the confidence and skills to work with adults who disclose childhood sexual abuse. It is based on the personal stories of three Scottish men who were sexually abused during childhood. They are very honest and courageous in telling their stories. They describe the abuse, the impact it had on them as they grew up and what helped or hindered them on their road to recovery. The ethos of the film is about listening and hearing the voices of survivors as the experts of their own experience. They emphasize the importance of having the space and time to say what they need and want from workers, rather than staff feeling they have to jump into action, fill in the silences and fix the situation. It enables staff to understand the kind of help men need and how to respond sensitively to each unique individual.

It has been thoroughly recommended as a training tool and won the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Documentary Award 2009.

“A unique and valuable insight into the complex and enduring issues that may emerge from the experience of child abuse.”

Professor Colin Martin UWS


A 30 minute film Directed by Sitar Rose and Produced by Sue Hampson

Five parent survivors share their intimate reflections about the effects of childhood sexual abuse, the challenges they face in disclosing to professionals and how it shapes their experience as parents and partners

There is a subtitled version of Tell Tale Signs with audio description available now to buy. Please specify at the checkout if you wish to purchase this version.

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Rob the Robin and the Bald Eagle by Madge Bray

Rob the Robin and the Bald Eagle is based on true events in the lives of a number of children who touched her own life as a play therapist and social entrepreneur.Her hope in writing the book is that readers of all ages can identify with Rob’s epic struggles with the mighty Bald Eagle and find the courage and strength to face challenges in their own lives.

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The Colour of Saying

The theme of the exhibition is ‘The Colour of Saying’ based on the poem by Dylan Thomas who knew the importance of the spoken word. This is a fitting title for those who feel the need to be heard to recover.

We invite interested members of the public and artists to paint on postcard size pieces of wood or board their own interpretation of this theme. The board/wood can be purchased for a fee of £5 per person. Each item will be sold at the exhibition. Closes 6th December.

Purchase the artists pallete/board

Cost: £5.00

Send completed artwork to Safe to Say, 25 Victoria St, Dunfermline KY12 0LP by 6th December.

Safe to Say - The Colour of Saying poster (front)

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