Self Injury Training

We have delivered our bespoke Self Injury Training to two diverse groups of people in Glasgow in the early part of this year. Firstly working with the Quarriers ‘What If’ male team and then Glasgow East End Carers. This latter group was unusual in the respect that it comprised parents alongside the staff team. We were moved by the honesty of both groups and their commitment and care in working with people who self injure.

Aims of Self Injury Training

  • To provide staff with the opportunity to safely explore and discuss self injury, sharing their experience, knowledge and views
  • To develop participants knowledge and understanding of self injury: it’s nature and reasons for it
  • To explore the needs of service users who self injure
  • To develop participants skills and confidence in responding helpfully to people who self injure
  • To explore the impact on workers of supporting people who self injure, identifying workers’ own needs and how to meet those needs