Scottish Parliament screening

We were honoured to have our Documentary Training Film, Tell Tale Signs, shown at Parliament on 25th February 2015. Johann Lamont MSP hosted the event and a number of MSP’s from various parties attended. We also had over 80 guests from 3rd sector organisations and representatives from NHS, COPFS, SPS and Edinburgh University. We had a significant contingency from East Lothian including GP’s, Health and Community workers.

photo 2
Johann opened the event with a strong message for the need for such training films and gave her clear support to survivors of CSA.

Sue introduced the film by speaking of the difficulties parent survivors might have in disclosing to professionals for fear that their children may be taken into care. She reminded us that we are all facilitators in the recovery of survivors and of the importance of how well we hear and respond to the signs.

The minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, Jamie Hepburn addressed the group following the showing of the film speaking of his admiration of those who had bravely taken part.

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A number of the survivors from the film spoke eloquently about why they had felt that it was so important to take part in the film and left messages with the audience on ways to improve responses to survivors.

Irene closed the event with thanks to all who had taken part and reminded the group of the moral requirement for us all to protect our children and dedicate more resources to supporting survivors.

A sign of how much people had taken from the film was that we overran by 30 minutes as people wanted to stay to speak to those involved in the film and other professionals.

We applaud the survivors who were there for bravely speaking at this event.

On Friday 27th Feb Johann Lamont raised a Motion in Parliament commending the film. Please follow lead to read Motion.