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September 2022

This year we have run a total of 8 courses on Working with Vicarious Trauma, which reflects the need identified by multiple organisations, ranging from Alliance Development Managers, We Are With You and Alliance Community Link Workers and MPs’ constituency staff. There is a recognition of working through the COVID pandemic and post pandemic and the impact that it has had on clients, patients and staff. This has added to the normal trauma that these roles and positions already encounter. Our experience has been that the signs of vicarious trauma can go unnoticed and exploring the effects and how to take care of ourselves and be supported by our organisations is an essential part of working to sustain wellbeing.

The course programme has previously been outlined, please see below;

November 2021

More about Working with Vicarious Trauma and Staying Well Course

Recently, we have had a lot of interest in this course and multiple staff teams have found it extremely beneficial to be able to explore the culture that promotes support and well-being.

This experiential course promotes the need for organisations to recognise the seriousness of Vicarious Trauma and that it’s not just part of the job. We explore with staff the signs of Vicarious Trauma and those most at risk. We focus on individual challenges when working with traumatised clients. We work towards sustaining a healthy work culture where staff can identify their needs and vulnerabilities. We go onto look at what support and work culture needs to be put in place to increase employees’ resilience and help staff stay emotionally healthy.

If you require more information about this course, please contact us.

September 2021

Late summer and autumn 2021, and we are back again with face to face training!

We welcomed and really appreciated getting out in person delivering Safe to Say to community link workers from practices throughout Glasgow. There was a strong feeling of how vital the connection is made in experiential learning with all group members. These were very interactive days with participants who had a breadth of experience, and were open to developing their skills and knowledge of childhood sexual abuse. It was an enriching experience for everyone involved.

Those sessions were held in the William Quarrier Conference Centre in Govan, it is an excellent venue and complies with the COVID regulations, the hosts were very generous in their welcome and response to the groups needs.


Over the past twenty months our experience as counsellors and supervisors has made us aware of the effects of the COVID pandemic on survivors of abuse. The fear, uncertainty, and lack of control that has trapped people in their homes or rooms mirrors the experience of being abused. It has triggered unresolved trauma and meant that there is a need for far more support and reassurance to both staff and those in counselling. At this time more than ever we need to feel confident to respond. Please see trailers on the resources page from all of our documentary films.

September 2020

Vicarious Trauma Training – Victim Support Staff

This was a pilot online day course, which received very positive feedback. We worked with staff from all over Scotland who meet with a lot of trauma in their work with victims of crime. To read details of this, please see link;

August 2019

Safe for Parents to Say – Early Years Centre

Home start successfully organised this training for a combination of their staff, social workers and nursery workers. To hear details of their experiences, click on the following link;

April 2019

Safe for Parents to Say Training – Early Years Centre

It was a very varied group from early years nursery, home start staff, as well as first steps employees. There was an assorted experience within the group that led to much reflection on practice and self awareness. The group were very honest in their contributions, which led to a rewarding outcome at the end of the two days. There was a keen interest and home start are hoping to facilitate another course in the near future. We look forward to working with them again! To hear details of their experiences – click on the following link;

January 2019

Our first training delivery this year on 8 and 9th of January was at Hampden Park. We were working with the Child Well-being and Protection Team of the S.F.A. and members of the Scottish Youth Football Association. The training working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse was in response to the interim report SA;SF. The teams were keen to explore the impact of abuse and helpful and sensitive ways of responding. Their energy and commitment to this work was highly evident throughout the two days, as was their active participation and curiosity to achieve good practice. We also appreciated the view from the venue! See below;

October 2018

It was good to be back working with the Turning Point Scotland Team, spending 2 1/2 days on responding to adult disclosures of Childhood Sexual Abuse. They were a very open and receptive group, who were eager to share and learn from each other. We were impressed by their skills and qualities and reflective practice. We look forward to returning to work with the team again.

February 2018

We completed another Safe For Parents To Say at Goodtree’s Community Centre in the South side of Edinburgh and were delighted to have staff from Dental Services and Youth and Community Work, all of whom were very keen to develop on this issue further in their line of work.

Safe To Say at Holyrood event – Talk on Vicarious Trauma – January 31 2018

We began 2018’s training programme, working with team members from the SAMH Alba Project on self-harm and injury. The team works daily with people that self-harm, so they were keen to learn more and to increase their confidence in responding to survivors. Despite snowfall all day, they stayed with us till just after 4pm and all got home safely. You can find the evaluations of the day on our Training Page.

VISIBLE – Improving Health and Wellbeing with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Leeds, England.

Sue was very happy to be invited to lead this Making it Safe to Say Part 1 Workshop, which develops understanding and skills when dealing with and responding to disclosures of CSA. Around 70 people attended this interactive cafe style half day session. The experiential model of training enabled people to network and reflect on their skills and practice, this went some way to demystifying the myth that this is only for experts. Sue was struck by their enthusiasm and commitment to survivors throughout the room. Sue looks forward to returning to Leeds for Part 2 of the Workshop on March 6th 2018.

Child Abuse Investigation Teams, Metropolitan Police – London, England.

We had two days working with members of the Child Abuse Investigation Teams and were impressed by their dedication and commitment to victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse. They particularly valued the input from Andy Kershaw on his experience of in care abuse in Devon in the 1970s and 80s. Their work increases as the number of survivors coming forward grows, especially with the enquiry and disclosures of abuse in football.

December 2017 

The Alliance – Community Link Workers – 11th-13th December 2017

We were pleased to return to the Alliance to work with the new intake of Community Link Workers, from both Glasgow and Edinburgh who work in GP practices. It was a rich and varied group, who were both reflective and engaged in their work. Their valuable contributions added to the 2.5 day experience.

Mirdul Wadwa delivered an input on sensitively responding to BME disclosures of abuse. She was as always, well received.

November 2017

Wellbeing Matters – “A Conference Exploring Adverse Life Experiences and the Impact of Wellbeing” – 24 November 2017

We are delighted to be attending this conference to hear Dr. John Read and Dr. Sarah Nelson discuss the legacy of child abuse on mental and physical health.

Pan Ayrshire Adult Support Protection Annual Meeting – 23 November 2017

Our Director, Sue Hampson delivered a half day workshop to around 90 participants on Sexual Harm. This was a interactive session highlighting the definitions of sexual harm, the signs and behaviours to be aware of, and helpful ways of responding to survivors. The audience was comprised of multi-agency staff, that included social workers, police and the voluntary sector. There was particular focus given to people with learning disabilities, the session ended with our documentary film, Number 69.

National Homelessness Conference “Ever Changing Times”  – 16 November 2017

We will be having an exhibition stand at this conference, where we will be exhibiting our training materials, three documentary films and examples of our training programmes. We are excited to join Homeless Action on this day because of the links between homelessness and childhood sexual abuse. We are hoping this could be the beginning of some joint work, and hope to see you there.

Social Destination – “Development of a Training Tool: Consultation and Pilot Testing” – A Documentary Film, ‘Hidden in Silence’ and a Training Handbook on Childhood Sexual Abuse within the field of Ethnic Minorities in Scotland – Edinburgh, 2 November 2017

We were invited to contribute and give feedback and evaluation on the Documentary Film and a draft Training Handbook. It was a busy day and we hope our feedback useful. We look forward to seeing how the project progresses.

October 2017

Maximising parental engagement, sharing good practice – Supporting Parents and Carers in Edinburgh Conference. 

We were very pleased to be invited to participate in this Edinburgh Framework for Practitioners launch. It was an inspiring welcome from Councillor Alison Dickie, who shared her experience as a child and teacher of children. The keynote speech by Doctor Janet Goodall encouraging us to think out of the box when working with parents and children, her comments about what is gained from parents evening were particularly thought provoking. We delivered a workshop to a mixed group of people on having sensitive conversations with parents and carers. Our focus being on how to respond to disclosures of childhood sexual abuse.

September 2017

We are delighted to be working with Ann Richardson and Nicky Fox, Healthy Minds Happy Babies, in North Berwick. After receiving a funding grant from the Survivor’s Support Innovation and Development Fund, we will be making our fourth documentary film about a group of women survivors with Post-Natal Depression, hearing from them what good service feels and looks like. This film will be launched early in 2018. We will keep you updated on news.

We also returned to Turning Point Scotland delivering Safe to Say Training, again a very diverse group, who work with service users in a variety of settings. We found them very receptive to the needs of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and they particularly liked the BME input from Mirdul Wadwha. The 7 and 8th of September, we delivered “Safe for Parents to Say” to services in the South East Edinburgh locality. there is a great deal of experience within this group of supporting vulnerable families and children in their recovery.

August 2017

We had a long awaited break along with most services in Scotland!

June 2017

We ran two follow up sessions with Shine Mentors on vicarious trauma and sustaining well-being. These sessions took place on the 5th and 9th of June.  We were impressed by their commitment to the women they work with in the most difficult of circumstances and hope that they are successful in continuing with their much needed support for vulnerable women, leaving the prison system.

May 2017

Director Sue Hampson will be the guest speaker at the Jeely Piece Club AGM on Tuesday the 6th of June, where she will talk about our current work and training on Parent Survivors and the challenges and anxieties they may face in bringing-up their children. We have been working with the Jeely for two years now, and welcome their recognition of the importance of working with the whole family for the benefit of the children of survivors.

Sue continues to supervise the Adoption UK team in Edinburgh and delivered a day-session to adopters, foster-parents and staff on vicarious trauma, which was well received.

Sue has been co-hosting seminars on Sexual Abuse alongside Naomi Partridge at the University of Edinburgh. The first of them, in February, was led by Madge Bray and focused on her latest book, ‘Rob the Robin and the Bald Eagle’. The second seminar will be on the 16th of June and will be led by Dr Sarah Nelson on the physical impact on the body of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

We are now participants in the Glasgow ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) group, examining how knowledge and information can be shared amongst services for the benefit of survivors of trauma.

We enjoyed working with the Share Team, looking closely at responding to disclosures of Childhood Sexual Abuse and maintaining a supportive and accepting relationship with survivors. We found them to be a hard-working and committed team. Feedback can be found on the evaluation section of the Training page.

April 2017

We are looking forward to working with a new organisation Share in May delivering Safe to Say to their team in Kirkliston.

We are also revisiting West Central Childcare Forum later on in May to deliver Safe for Parents to Say to more of their staff working with young children and families.

March 2017

In March we  delivered a Safe to Say  training with North Ayrshire Health & Social Work team at the Hazeldene Resource Centre in Kilwinning. We were so pleased to work with such an experienced and committed group of people in such a creative environment. Feedback received can be found on the Evaluation section of the Training page.

January 2017

We ran a very successful Safe for Parents to Say course on 26 & 27 January 2017 which was free for staff working in the South of Edinburgh with children and families.  Free places were made available as a result of our fundraising raffle run last year.  Some of the feedback we received from this training can be found in the Evaluation section of the Training page.